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network 12/06/2013 - 12:00PM

Announcing the Winner of the CP Audience Choice Award 2012

Every year Cinema Politica surveys the audiences of all 100+ CP locals to determine the favourite CP documentary of that year.

The rules are simple, the film has to have a production date of no more than two years before the awards date and has to have played at least five times in the CP Network, which spans Canada and has numerous international outposts as well.

Hundreds vote from a list of the ten most screened films, we tally the results and announce the winner. 

This year the winning film might not come as a big surprise to anyone following film festival news: 5 BROKEN CAMERAS has won Audience Choice awards at Hot Docs, IDFA and several other international festivals. It’s also taken many other prizes including World Cinema Directing at Sundance.

And now the incredibly powerful, personal and political documentary about resistance to Israeli occupation in illegally occupied Palestinian lands has won the most prestigious award of them all - The CP Audience Choice Award!

Congratulations to Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi (pictured), the Palestinian and Israeli co-directors behind this unique documentary.

Burnat was in Montreal for the Cinema Politica Concordia screening of 5 BROKEN CAMERAS in November 2012, and we recorded the audience Q&A following the screening. You can watch here

Congratulations to Burnat and Davidi, as well as to second and third place films DIVE! LIVING OFF AMERICA’S WASTE and ATTENTION FEMINISTES/CAUTION FEMINISTS!

And a huge thank you to all who took time to vote!

For past winners, check out our awards page here.