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network 03/04/2015 - 03:00PM

Cinema Politica and filmmaking allies call for the immediate release of Oleg Sentsov

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While attending the Docudays UA Festival in Kiev, Cinema Politica Executive Director Svetla Turnin and Director of Programming Ezra Winton joined with filmmakers and activists from around the world in calling for Oleg Sentsov’s immediate release from Russian prison. Watch their declaration of solidarity here or above.

Sentsov, a filmmaker living in Russian-occupied Crimea, was arrested on the suspicion that he was a member of the Ukrainian neo-fascist group, Right Sector, who are considered by Moscow to be a terrorist organization. Although Sentsov and Right Sector have insisted that they have no connection with each other, Sentsov remains in prison and faces a minimum 10-year sentence if convicted.

Fortunately, Cinema Politica allies Askold Kurov (CHILDREN 404), Andrii Lytvynenko (EUROMAIDAN: ROUGH CUT) and others have almost finished shooting a documentary on Sentsov’s baseless imprisonment. Once completed, they hope to screen RELEASE OLEG SENTSOV: A DOCUMENTARY as a means of generating support for Sentsov’s release, as well as that of other wrongfully-detained Ukranians and Russians under the Putin government.

Now that most of the production work is finished, please join Cinema Politica in supporting this brave film by contributing what you can to the Indiegogo campaign to fund its postproduction process.