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network 13/12/2015 - 10:00PM

Cinema Politica Partners with ROAR Magazine!

As a fellow grassroots organizations committed to social justice and political activism through media, Cinema Politica and ROAR Magazine are very excited to announce the launch of a Cinema Politica Freestreaming Channel on ROAR Magazine’s website. This channel will allow us to share some of our most popular short and mid-length films with a new and broad audience, while placing these films in conversation with breaking news on political subjects. 

Every month, Cinema Politica will post a handful of new films on the ROAR channel. The first group of films represents the diversity of Cinema Politica’s programming by focusing on films that speak from the perspective of marginalized and overlooked communities around the world.


Paramita Nath’s DURGA exposes Hinduism’s contradictory politics of venerating female deities while oppressing female humans. David Fedele’s THE LAND BETWEEN records the inhumane treatment of sub-Saharan Africans migrants who attempt to cross the militarized barrier between northern Morocco and the Spanish city of Melilla. Twyla Roscovich’s SALMON CONFIDENTIAL reveals the systematic muzzling of Canadian environmental scientists whose research findings threaten economic developments. Finally, we are including Réal Junior Leblanc’s UPROOTED GENERATION, a profound short where indigenous residential school survivors tell their stories after decades of historical oversight. 

Be sure to check in next month to see what we will screen together next!