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network 13/11/2014 - 06:00PM

CP + Upcoming Festivals and Conferences

The annual ritual of attending documentary festivals has begun with RIDM in Montreal, and we want to let you know this is just the beginning for us! Cinema Politica collaborates with many festivals, and at RIDM we co-present three amazing new political docs chosen each year (this year: THE SECRET TRIAL 5, MOUG and SOL). We also highlight five outstanding films we think shouldn't be missed (this year: EVERYTHING WILL BE, FROM PRISONS TO PRISONS, MAIDAN, MARMATO and WE COME AS FRIENDS), and we co-present (and sit on the jury of) the Magnus Isacsson Award. Lastly, CP will once again participate in the Cuban Hat (pictured above are the Cuban Hat jurors and pitchers from 2013) , where we help select the best project in need of support.

On the heels of RIDM comes IDFA, Amsterdam's behemoth doc fest and the largest in the world. Our Exec Director Svetla Turnin will be attending that auspicious event and when she finds time outside of scouting for new political docs, she'll be working on her POV Magazine article about "the female doc ghetto" -- a fitting subject as IDFA focuses this year's fest on "the female gaze."

After IDFA Cinema Politica will be in Delhi for Visible Evidence 21, a documentary conference and festival that brings together academics and artists working  non-fiction visual culture. Turnin and Ezra Winton (CP's head of programming) will convene a workshop with others entitled "The Politics of Programming" that will include India's former Commissioner for Documentary.

Last but not least, we've just received word that a new conference in the UK has accepted our proposal for a presentation at that event. Political Cinema in the 21st Century: Conference, Exhibition and Launch Event for the Radical Film Network will take place in early February in Birmingham and we're thrilled to part of the discussion and launch. Our talk, presented by Turnin and Winton, is entitled "Documentary Activism: The Politics of Programming, Grassroots Screening Organization and Social Movements."

So check out the links and if you're in any of those locales, we'll see you there!