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network 07/04/2015 - 09:00AM


From May 31-June 3, 2015, the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be holding its closing events in Ottawa (see:  Indigenous people from across Canada will attend the event, along with many Non-Indigenous supporters.

There are many good resources available to prepare for this event: one among them is the doc GENTLY WHISPERING THE CIRCLE BACK (2013/50 minutes). 

This powerful film was commissioned by Blue Quills First Nations College (Alberta, Canada) as a "Community Resource for Healing and Reconciliation." The documentary shares a journey of healing for all Canadians in a nation wounded by the Indian Residential School System. With dignity and deep sincerity, survivors and the children of survivors share their personal stories with us. We become part of a ‘circle of healing’ as participants confront the trauma of the IRS; come to understand the trauma; release their pain; and speak of transcending the trauma through the recovery of tradition, language, ceremony, and personal dignity. GENTLY WHISPERING THE CIRCLE BACK models and invites continuing conversation “in circle” and has been shared in small community gatherings across Canada.  The film comes with a facilitator’s guide to help communities use the resource for healing. 

As part of the Cinema Politica Divine Interventions programme, the DVD and Facilitators Guide can be accessed through Cinema Politica.

See the trailer here.