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network 29/01/2015 - 04:00PM


Cinema Politica is thrilled to announce that we have acquired the rights to screen Marielle Nitoslawska’s BREAKING THE FRAME throughout our network.

BREAKING THE FRAME is an appropriately avant-garde mosaic-film about the life and works of Carolee Schneemann, an American experimental feminist filmmaker and artist. Nitoslawska constructs thoughtful, haunting montages of Schneemann’s films, photographs, and drawings, and images of Schneemann’s house as a studio, lived space, and performed sculpture, often accompanied by passages from her volumes of diaries. This deluge of personal, artistic, and intellectual work positions Schneemann’s life as a perpetual creative process.

The film delves into her personal and professional relationships with other prominent experimental artists, such as Stan Brakhage. BREAKING THE FRAME also explores Schneemann’s use of her own body in her art as a feminist statement. In Schneemann’s words,

“Naked, exposed, facing a camera or spectators, my body is no longer the sexual object expected, determined by masculinist culture. Not only am I an image-maker but I create the image of my flesh as material I choose to work with. The body may remain erotic, sexual, desired, desiring, but it is also votive, written over in a text of stroke and gesture determined by my creative female will, because for years my most audacious works were treated as if someone else inhabiting me had created them. […] The nude was being used in early happenings as an object, often an optic object. I was using the nude as myself, and as a primal archaic force which could unify and vivify primal energies I discovered as imagery of my own body. 

BREAKING THE FRAME’s insistence on how personal expression creates political art makes the film an excellent addition to Cinema Politica’s ArtDox sidebar program, and will appeal to cinephiles, avant-gardists, and feminist revolutionaries throughout our network of locals.