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network 20/01/2015 - 11:00AM


Cinema Politica is proud to announce that its newest acquisition, Blair Dorosh-Walther’s OUT IN THE NIGHT, is now available to be screened throughout our network of locals.

OUT IN THE NIGHT reconstructs the legal and activist events surrounding the trial, incarceration, and eventual release from prison of four African-American lesbians who fought back when they were sexually harassed and physically assaulted by a random man in the street. Dorosh-Walther includes interviews with not only the four women but also their friends and families, creating a moving portrait of the communal repercussions of their arrests. The film therefore engages with not only the racially charged politics of the American judicial system, but also the complicated terrain of openness, assertion, and resistance faced daily by the LGBT community. The male attacker, the prosecutors, and the presiding judge all decline the filmmakers’ interview requests, which OUT IN THE NIGHT codes as guilty complicity in the politics of privilege.

The ensuing protests against OUT IN THE NIGHT’s depicted injustices range from LGBT advocacy groups, such as Yale University’s FIERCE, to prominent activists like Angela Davis, who indicates persuasively “there is no institutional mode of resisting homophobic street attacks”. Although the film ends on a generally positive note, Dorosh-Walther makes a point of indicating how much time each woman spent in jail for charges that were often thrown out immediately on appeal. This balance shows that the film’s circumstances may be resolved although the greater issues of racial and gender inequality remain.

OUT IN THE NIGHT’s ability to touch on many cultural contradictions and advocacy issues within a heartfelt and accessible cinematic narration make it an appealing addition to any Cinema Politica local’s programming.