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network 11/11/2014 - 01:00PM


Cinema Politica is thrilled to announce that Cannupa Haska Luger, Ginger Dunnil, and Dylan McLaughlin’s THIS IS A STEREOTYPE is now available throughout our network.

This 40 minute archival-, found-, and original-footage mash-up raises fascinating questions about the tribal, continental, and global scales of comparability of indigenous identities. The plurality of responses to the THIS IS A STEREOTYPE’s central question, “If a unified indigenous American identity is definable, what is it?”, manifest throughout the film’s visual and audio construction. Luger, Dunnil, and McLaughlin’s visual montage covers decades of American indigenous debate, exploitation, and activism. Although the film’s interviewees rarely appear on screen, their audio counterpoint to the onscreen images often uses identity politics to raise questions about the pervasive colonial, environmental, and economic challenges faced by indigenous American communities.

THIS IS A STEREOTYPE celebrates the productive non-conformity of contemporary identity politics by presenting its argument as a diverse memoryscape, rather than as a linear trajectory. This film will make an excellent pair with one of the many indigenous short films also available within the Cinema Politica Network. 

THIS IS A STEREOTYPE is part of Cinema Politica’s special sidebar program ArtDox.