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network 13/01/2015 - 03:00PM


Our newest network acquisition, Cullen Hoback’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY, is a timely, compelling, and entertaining addition to the Cinema Politica roster. 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS indicts the often-unread fine print on online user agreements for major corporate entities like Google, Facebook, iTunes, etc., as deliberately obtuse invitations for abuses of privacy. The user agreements often contain clauses about unilateral changes to the agreement at any time, and sufficient legal loopholes as to make private user information available to government agencies or the highest bidder.

Of particular interest is the use of the word “prevent” in many of these agreements. In the United States, the still-active Patriot Act created a legal precedent for the government’s monitoring and acquisition of all citizens’ online activities as an alleged means of detecting potential terrorist threats. In reality, this intervention by various intelligence and law-enforcement agencies transformed social media into participatory surveillance, and led to the construction of massive online surveillance installations, such as the facility in Bluffdale, Utah. Through staged and candid interviews with government officials, scholars, media executives, and privacy activists, Hoback’s film argues that the global intelligence industry must offer a clear means of opting out of constant surveillance in a way that protects privacy and that, as Barack Obama says, “watches the watchers”.

In the meantime, the government already knows that you are reading this blog post. You might as well screen TERMS AND CONDITIONS at your CP local to make it official.