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network 02/10/2014 - 08:00AM

New Acquisitions: Eleven New Fall Titles

Cinema Politica is thrilled to announce its newest additions to its film network! These activism-based and eye-opening documentaries give voice to under-represented communities and causes, span at least four continents, and range in scope from the local to the global.

Canada’s complicated and tempestuous relationship with its First Nations communities has inspired indigenous filmmakers from across the country to point their cameras at their communities’ daily struggles. British Columbia’s Salish community come together in BEAR WITNESS to prevent trophy hunting on their territory. In HONOUR YOUR WORD, the Algonquin community of Quebec’s Barriere Lake shut down a government-backed logging development that directly violates the community’s legally binding yet overlooked treaties with the provincial and federal governments. Similar conflicts between First Nations communities and government forces escalate quickly in NOWHERE ELSE TO GO, which chronicles the peaceful and non-peaceful standoffs of New Brunswick’s indigenous people and oil fracking prospectors.

Cinema Politica’s ongoing commitment to environmental activism inspires us to program documentaries that respond to the dangers of oil fracking. The potential double-bill of THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR and HANDS ON – WOMEN, CLIMATE, CHANGE depicts the necessary struggles of both raising awareness about tar sand developments and of the courageous activists who work to contain and prevent its destructive aftermath. The stark consequences of ignoring environmental destruction form the core argument of DISRUPTION, which forces an uncomfortable but necessary view of climate change in effect. Believing that no argument is above scrutiny or counterpoint, we have also acquired rights to COWSPIRACY, which presents a very different perspective on the true cause of climate change and how veganism might consequently save the world.

The main causes of climate change are often deeply connected with globalized neoliberal economics, which also creates a myriad of other problems worthy of urgent and committed activism and protest. cRISEs UP follows social movements around the world that are fighting the destructive powers of unrestrained capitalism and greed. The protest film is a hallmark of the Cinema Politica repertoire, so we have also included CARRÉ ROUGE SUR FOND NOIR (RED SQUARE ON A BLACK BOARD). This film focuses on the 2012 Quebec student strike, which merged in solidarity with many other worthy activist causes.

Rounding out this fall’s network inclusions are other two films that present underrepresented struggles within specific communities, the impacts of which can often be felt far outside the communities themselves. The women of GULABI GANG bravely fight for women’s rights in impoverished northern India, setting an inspirational example for likeminded activism anywhere in the world. THEY WERE PROMISED THE SEA, on the other hand, delves into the identity politics of Arab Jewish communities expelled from Morocco in the 1970s, only to wind up in Israel and Palestine, where their very personhood seemed like a volatile self-contradiction.

Come to a screening of one of these films, and bring friends; there’s a lot of world to show, and you’ll want someone to talk to afterwards.