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Posté par network le Lundi, février 27, 2017

Jetez un coup d'oeil à la liste et votez pour votre film CP favori parmi les documentaires les plus diffusés dans le réseau au cours de l'année 2016!

Ala’a Jarban on being devalued in Canada

Posté par network le Vendredi, février 24, 2017

#ComfortableTruth: Immigrants have it better in Canada than in their homelands. Read Ala'a Jarban's response here.
This Black History Month, discover two essential documentaries that explore race issues in Canada.

Three border smashing #CPVOD titles available now!

Posté par network le Jeudi, février 16, 2017

Detention Centres, Canadian Torture and Racist Settlers: Three films considering the lines that contain us, and those who refuse to be contained.
Feed your heart, mind, and spirit with 10 new radical love films from #CPVOD!
#ComfortableTruth: The media informs us about refugees in a fair and just way. Read Narcy's response here.

Rana Salah on Empty Lands - Nations & Migrations

Posté par network le Mercredi, janvier 18, 2017

#ComfortableTruth: The lands that migrants and refugees leave behind are barren. Read Rana Salah's response here.

The Best Political Films of 2016

Posté par network le Mardi, décembre 20, 2016

CP HQ and CP Concordia teams hand pick their favourite hard-hitting social justice oriented films screened by CP in 2016.

Spoken Word by Narcy at Nations & Migrations Launch Event

Posté par network le Mardi, décembre 20, 2016

Watch the emotional and powerful reading of the poem Extra Sensory (The War is Lost but we found ourselves) performed by Narcy at THE CROSSING screening.

Holiday discount now in action on #CPVOD!

Posté par network le Mardi, décembre 20, 2016

We’re glad to offer you a limited-time discounted price on 5 radical #CPVOD titles to end the year in strength & help prepare for the fights to come.
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