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RidgeMeadows 13/05/2015 - 10:00AM

CP Ridge Meadow's Youth Vision Film Festival 2015

We’re thrilled to report that Cinema Politica Ridge Meadows held their second annual Youth Vision Film Festival earlier this month, a local initiative launched last year in which Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows youth submit documentaries around a yearly theme. Today, we’re happy to share their news from the festival with our network:

We had 4 finalists who produced documentaries on the theme "Working Together: A Better World Is Possible”, and we received submissions from participants of various ages: from 9 years to 21 years old. Both the judges and audience were impressed by all of the works created. 

The themes were varied, from the benefits of bicycling for our environment and our health, to housing the homeless, to acts of kindness as a means of building community. Both the audience and the judges were impressed by the caliber of the films and more importantly the level of thought, research, and technical skills these young people put into their videos. Each contestant was given the opportunity to talk about their films, and the judges offered constructive feedback to each of them. The contestants had a wonderful time sharing their creative ideas and inspirations with our audience and each other.  The camaraderie and mutual respect among them was apparent considering the age differences.   

The Youth Vision Film Festival 2015 was a "red carpet" event complete with "champagne" served in champagne flutes, finger foods and paparazzi.  A fun time was had by all!

The winner and audience choice prizes went to Eva Cowley for her film: Know Them, a short documentary on homelessness and the need to understand the homeless before we can improve their lives. This film will be posted on YouTube shortly. 

Our sponsors included one of our local credit unions, local businesses and individuals. It was a collaborative effort. 

Since this is an annual event for our local we will begin planning next year's event this summer. We called on this year's contestants to step up and assist us by contributing ideas and maybe even being part of the planning committee. Our hope is to grow and expand the festival by including more stakeholders such as our local arts council and by working more closely with our local municipalities.      

This was a team effort and everyone worked had to make it a success!