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RidgeMeadows 23/01/2015 - 04:00PM

Divine Interventions success at Cinema Politica Ridge Meadows

Divine Interventions: Documentary, Spirituality and Social Justice explores the intersection of social justice and spirituality in documentary cinema. As a sidebar program of documentary screenings, the project looks at the roles spirituality, religion and secularism play in fostering or inhibiting a plurality of perspectives, as well as understanding across cultural, religious, and ethnic borders, and lastly participation in social causes, campaigns and movements.

Cinema Politica Ridge Meadows had an awesome Divine Interventions screening last night. GENTLY WHISPERING THE CIRCLE BACK is an excellent film and the discussion that followed was quite emotional and uplifting as well.  Many in the audience were moved to tears during the film and the discussion that followed.  
After the screening, two Residential School Survivors (Angus and Delainey) shared stories about their experiences in the schools while guest speaker Yvonne, a member of Fraser Valley All Nations Aboriginal Society, did an excellent job sharing her story on being the daughter of a residential school survivor and the path she has chosen towards healing and empowerment.  
The screening ended with the whole audience forming a healing circle which everyone needed after seeing the film and listening to the speakers.