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stockholm 23/06/2013 - 05:00PM

The power of truth

Cinema Politica Stockholm Discussion Round Stockholm University 2013

It was certainly not a screening like any other.
First of all, we shifted to a smaller room. Not because we did not expect a big audience (since we are posting our screenings on this has never been an issue) but because we wanted it to feel familiar.
The last screening of the term - it should feel like the Cinema Politica family is meeting for a final reunion before the big summer break.
And this screening was not so much about the film then about what was to happen afterwards.
After every screening we have discussion rounds, Q&As with the directors or professors from Stockholm University. But it always feels there is too little time. For the director, for the audience, for us.
But how to change that? Nobody would come to a screening in the middle of the afternoon. And probably almost nobody would stay until midnight to engage in a discussion.
So should be cancel out something? The audience? Ehm, not possible. Us? Noooo! The speaker? Maybe...
What if we would exchange roles?
What if the audience became the speaker and we became the audience?
Said and done.
First we were a bit afraid what people might think, if they would be disappointed or felt overwhelmed by having to speak up. But none of this happened.
The movie finished, we moved our chairs into a circle and the family started talking to each other.
Yes, we talked to and with each other. There was no rush to just say a thought out loud and then feel satisfied with having told it to the others. There was time to listen and to react. To think and question. To elaborate and drift away.
What was the most inspiring thought during the last months? What were the most pressing questions for you? What did you not at all agree with?
What do you do for the climate? How do you think about gender equality in your culture? Why would you start a revolution?

An unceasing flow of questions was circling through the room.
But then suddenly the tide changed. And you could hear one word repeating itself in every answer, in every question.
It all began with an answer: It is about the Truth.
Who would have thought that in the whirl of all those different questions and answers this little word would be picked to be the center point?
The truth.
What is it?
We could not find an answer. But many. Some may agree on that it must be objectively provable facts. Some may say every one has their own reality and truth. Others say that one can shift between truths.

For us, as Cinema Politica, it does not matter what the answer is. What matters is that truth exists.
That it occupies our minds.
That we search for it in every thing we see and hear.
That it is important to contribute a little bit to the daily quest for truth.

We decided to make this now a habit. To give ourselves the time and space for contemplation twice a year.
To talked about what inspired us the most, what occupied our minds the last few months and to give us something to ponder upon during the empty months of summer break.

P.S.: We are on our way to make a short film clip from the discussion to give an idea what we are doing and what Cinema Politica Stockholm is about!
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