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stockholm 12/09/2010 - 05:04PM

Stockholm is gearing up for a powerful second season

Sitting at tables is not as easy as it looksVolunteers at Cinema Politica Stockholm have been hard at work over the past couple weeks. The labor has consisted of handing out flyers, sitting at tables, talking to new students, and watching movies among other strenuous tasks. But the team is ready for the launch of its second season on Sept. 13 presenting the light-hearted look at Chinese children and democracy, Please Vote for Me.

After choosing the films and creating posters and flyers, the team has focused their efforts both online and face-to-face. In addition to Facebook, Cinema Politica Stockholm is now on Twitter in order to communicate last-minute changes and other interesting information from time to time.

In the real world, new students at Stockholm University got to meet the team behind the Stockholm local and received information and flyers about Cinema Politica, and a tasty confectionary treat as well.

Cinema Politica Stockholm was also present at Inspiration Världen, a day devoted to bringing awareness to global issues such as human rights, climate, and trade. The team, along with other organizations from around Stockholm, presented some movies to the public and were able to connect with people outside of the university community.

Now the team is ready for their grand opening on Monday night, expecting to present Please Vote for Me to an audience of curious students, academics and film lovers, both familiar and new. After this first screening, Cinema Politica movie goers have an impressive line-up to look forward to including American Radical at which Norman Finkelstein is scheduled to speak to the audience over Skype.