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Monica Gutierrez on Canada’s debt

Posté par network le Jeudi, avril 06, 2017

#ComfortableTruth: Migrants owe Canada for the opportunity to be here. Check out Monica Gutierrez’s reflections and video response here.
A zany new doc explores the inner workings of America’s biggest food cooperative.
Un doc excentrique et énergique sur le plus grand supermarché coopératif aux États-Unis est maintenant disponible avec CP Distribution.
Tired of Hollywood fluff? We've got the rad stuff. Cinema Politica’s newest effort to stream truth to power means audiences can pay a monthly fee to access a library of online content.

Local Spotlight: CP Malmö

Posté par network le Mardi, mars 21, 2017

"No matter where the action of the film occurs, whether about indigenous Latin Americans or corporate America, we strive to connect our discourse to local issues happening here in Malmö ..."

CP on the festival circuit

Posté par network le Mardi, mars 21, 2017

To escape winter’s last clutch in Montreal and also to find fertile soil for new projects and collaborations, Cinema Politica travels to Sofia, Copenhagen, Toronto and New York.
THE CROSSING premiered in Halifax with over 120 people in attendance and a powerful panel following the screening featuring Dr. Afua Cooper, Fazeela Jiwa, and Julie Chamagne of the Halifax Refugee Clinic.
#ComfortableTruth: Migrant workers are able to receive the same healthcare as Canadian citizens. Watch Aaraón Diaz Mendiburo's video response here.
We highlight seven provocative films centering women to spark your feminist spirit.
A new doc looks at a radical bike brigade of fierce Latinas and womxn of colour in East Los Angeles.


Posté par network le Lundi, février 27, 2017

Jetez un coup d'oeil à la liste et votez pour votre film CP favori parmi les documentaires les plus diffusés dans le réseau au cours de l'année 2016!

Ala’a Jarban on being devalued in Canada

Posté par network le Vendredi, février 24, 2017

#ComfortableTruth: Immigrants have it better in Canada than in their homelands. Read Ala'a Jarban's response here.
This Black History Month, discover two essential documentaries that explore race issues in Canada.

Three border smashing #CPVOD titles available now!

Posté par network le Jeudi, février 16, 2017

Detention Centres, Canadian Torture and Racist Settlers: Three films considering the lines that contain us, and those who refuse to be contained.
Feed your heart, mind, and spirit with 10 new radical love films from #CPVOD!
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