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cinema politica in Cape Breton

Fondé Juillet 2009


The Fight for True Farming
What Would Jesus Buy?
The World According to Monsanto
The Refugees of the Blue Planet
The Price of Sugar
Blue Gold: World Water Wars
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À PROPOS de Cinema Politica in Cape Breton

Welcome to Cinema Politica in Cape Breton!

After a period of relative quiet the Chapter was reactivated and will begin screenings in the fall of 2017. We plan to have five screenings during our membership year. Each film will be selected in consultation with a local community group or agency which has agreed to cosponsor the event. In this way we plan to not only SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER, but also speak that truth together.

We welcome interested cosponsors.

Our Sydney home will typically be the McConnell Library, but other locations that may be appropriate to a cosponsoring group will also be used.


Stay tuned for upcoming screenings for capebreton!