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Art and Apathy

Jessica Habie / Canada - Territoire palestinien / 2008 / 60 ' / Arabe - Hébreux / S.T. Anglais


Eyes Infinite Films
Nirah Shirazipour

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Awards & Festivals

Best Short Documentary, Tribeca Film Festival
2008 Non-violence Film Festival
2008 Tribeca Film Festival
2008 Annual Brooklyn For Peace Fair
2008 Palestine London Film Festival
2008 UNinviteD International Film Festival

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Treading the edges of controversial political conversations


“Art and Apathy” features several of Israel and Palestines most respected artists, as well as a diverse range of underground voices.

“Art and Apathy” is a film project that documents the complexity of life in Israel and Palestine as experienced by local artists. Despite the unending cycles of ideological and physical violence propagated by the mainstream media and politicians, the artists featured in our films choose to produce work that provokes dialogue. Through their eyes our film examines several political and social elements that are often oversimplified in international media. Defining terms such as the green line, the right to return, Palestine 48, Intifada, Zionism and other key concepts, we present audiences with the political ideologies and historic identities that structure life in the Middle East. Focusing on artists who’s work inspire alternative persepctives, we venture into intimate spaces and access visionary voices who have transcended the political rhetoric.