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The Beginning

Serkan Koç / Turquie / 2013 / 53 ' / Turque / S.T. Anglais


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This doc tells the story of recent social mobilization in Turkey, revealing Gezi park as a flashpoint in ongoing political activism.


The Beginning was filmed on the roads leading to Taksim during June 2013. The film starts with a summary of the authoritarian regime in Turkey. The experiences lived during the 12 year rule of Tayyip Erdogan are understood to be the defining reason for this rebellion. During this time everything was outlawed and the country was changed into an authoritarian regime.

Enough is enough, the people rebel. The camera moves to Taksim square with the revolting people. More than 1 million people filled the square. The camera continues to Gezi Park, which attracts people toward itself. Money is invalid, people are happy; everybody including children is producing art.

However this Utopia has to drown before it grows. The dictator’s police attack the Park. The people resist. A total of 8 cameras record all the streets leading to Taksim, attempting to capture every moment. Barricades are overcome and the square is once again in the peoples' hands. This is only the beginning...

The film undergoes major censorship during its production and distribution phases. During its editing phase the film center is raided by the police and all computers are confiscated. Fortunately all of the work is backed up. No movie theater in Istanbul will play the film due their fear of the ruling government. Distributors are initially reluctant to distribute the DVD. But it is in vain... Word of the documentary spreads from person to person and it becomes the best selling movie in Turkey, leaving all domestic and foreign films behind. “The Beginning” is not shown on any of the TV channels in Turkey. The Radio and Televisions Higher Councils justify this decision by referencing a state regulation which proclaims that “TV broadcasts cannot encourage citizens to act against the government”.

While censored in main stream movie theaters and television channels in Turkey, The Beginning is now being screened in the States and Canada.