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Corporations in the Classroom

Jill Sharpe / Canada / 2007 / 45 ' / Anglais


Bonni Devlin
Jill Sharpe
Kirk Tougas
Doug Blackley
Lynn Booth
Co-producer & Production Manager: Judith MacInnes
Executive story consultant: Robert Duncan
Narrator: Lesley Ewen

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Corporations in the Classroom investigates the upside and the downside of increasing corporate influence on public education in North America. When public education funding was slashed in the 1980s, America opened its doors to corporations' deep pockets. As Canadian schools faced budget shortfalls a decade later, most of the country followed suit. As cash-strapped schools struggle to pay for books and classroom materials, corporate sponsors are stepping up to the plate and offering promotions, sponsorships and even free curriculum. With virtually no regulation in place, the line between corporate social responsibility and back door marketing opportunities is blurring.