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Green: Death of the Forests

Patrick Rouxel / France / 2012 / 48 ' / Anglais


Simon Apostolou
Frédéric Sanchez del Rio
Voices: Vanessa Cadasse
Voices: Sandra Gengoul

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Awards & Festivals

Best Long Documentary, Green Screen Festival, Vancouver 2011
Premio Ciudad de Pamplona, Festival Telenatura Pamplona, Spain 2010

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In Production

A visual essay about deforestation in Indonesia as experienced by an orangutan whose habitat has been destroyed.


This extraordinary visual essay, told with no human commentary at all, explores the impact of deforestation and the exploitation of natural resources in Indonesia from the point of view of a dying orangutan called Green.

Stunning images of the natural world and its biodiversity are counter-pointed with scenes of their destruction and the resulting cruelty to animals.

The film takes viewers on an emotional journey, following Green's final days and revealing the devastating impact of logging, land-clearing and palm oil plantations.