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Honey at the Top

Dean Puckett / Royaume-Uni - Kenya / 2015 / 55 ' / Kikuyu / S.T. Anglais


Paco Sweetman
Dean Puckett
Rob Szeliga
Bizarre Rituals
Rebecca Wolf

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Despite international and local pressure, the Sengwer forest people of Cherangani Hills, Kenya, will not accept to be evicted from their ancestral land.


HONEY AT THE TOP is a film about the Sengwer forest people of the Cherangani Hills, Kenya, being evicted from their ancestral land in the name of conservation. Facing international pressure from organisations like the World Bank, a corrupt Kenya Forest Service who are burning their houses, and attempts to turn the forest into a commodity through carbon offsetting schemes, the Sengwer fight to hold onto their culture and resist the evictions.