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Franny Armstrong / Royaume-Uni / 2005 / 85 ' / Anglais


David H. Hill & Gregers Sall
Franny Armstrong
Franny Armstrong
Franny Armstrong & Peter Armstrong
Re-enactments: Ken Loach
Digital Intermediate Technician: Matt Woo

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2005 Nominated, British Independent Film Awards, Best British Documentary

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The story of two ordinary people who humiliated McDonald's in the biggest corporate PR disaster in history.


This outstanding documentary shows all the aspects of anti-corporate activism via the real life story of two UK activists who wouldn’t say McSorry: Helen Steel (gardner) and David Morris (postman). They represented themselves against the McDonald Corporation’s $19 million legal team and won, in the largest corporate image fiasco ever and the longest trial in English legal history. This is why we no longer have to look over our shoulders when we suggest that maybe Big Macs are not all that nutritious…