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b.h. Yael / Canada / 2001 / 6 ' / Anglais - Français


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An impressionistic documentation of the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, held in April 2000.


In the context of the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, in April 2000, a group of filmmakers and video artists came together to consider the repercussions of free trade and to collaborate on a project that resulted in “Blah, Blah, Blah. (Re)Viewing Quebec.”  (of)fences was made for this compilation. 

This impressionistic documentation is located at the perimeter of the very long fence that surrounded the conference grounds, holding in the leaders and holding out the voices and bodies of the protesters.  The fence disallowed, precluded, protected, imposed...... the offences of silence. (OF)FENCES addresses the protesters and is a meditation on the reasons people came to speak in Quebec, listing the issues at stake for leadership, democracy, workers, the earth and other aspects of their lives.