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Clarissa Seidel & Julia Leser / Japon - Allemagne / 2011 / 72 ' / Japonais / S.T. Anglais


Clarissa Seidel
Arseny Rossikhin
Junsuke Kondo
We Want Wine
Julia Leser, Clarissa Seidel, Roger Zehnder & Yoshihiro Akai
Ginger & Blonde Productions
Yasuo Akai
Graphic Design: Clemens Berger
Graphic Design: René Hänsel

Awards & Festivals

This Human World 2011, Vienna, Austria
One World Human Rights Film Festival 2012, Prague, Czech Republic

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In Production

An exploration of Japanese protest culture under the effects of Fukushima.


Since the catastrophe on March 11, Japan is experiencing socio-political tremors of historical significance. Especially in Tokyo the political interest grows and forms a protest against the government, TEPCO and the Nuclear Safety Agency.

Street protests in Japan are considered a rather rare sight. The present protest culture in Japan seems to be not really well established, compared to other countries. There is merely one exception: Shirōto no ran (‘Amateur’s Revolt’), a group of creative activists, who fight for more freedom in public space and an inventive Do It Yourself-culture in the alternative area of Kōenji, Tokyo.

The activists involved in Shirōto no ran organized the biggest demonstration in Japan since the 1970s, which took place on April 10th, just one month after the earthquake. This protest gathered more than 15.000 people demonstrating against nuclear power. Furthermore, the mobilization of those anti-nuclear protests brings up a lot more subjects of discussion, for instance the work- and living conditions in the nowadays capitalism and globalization.

The documentary Radioactivists wants to explore the Japanese protest culture under the effects of Fukushima and to illuminate the backgrounds of the current movements, protests and critical voices, which keep getting louder, not only in Japan.