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Unseen War

Marek Tuszynski / Royaume-Uni - Allemagne / 2013 / 35 ' / Anglais


Katherin Dietzel
Marek Tuszynski
Peter Emery & Fahim Farid
Ralph Pinel
Donna Pinel
Sebastian Voigt
Marek Tuszynski & Stephanie Hankey
Research & Project Coordination: Lucy Wallwork

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In Production

This doc focuses on the physical, moral and political invisibility of the United States drone war in Pakistan.


In our final episode, Unseen War, we change the angle slightly and explore the physical, moral and political invisibility of US drone strikes in Pakistan. We speak to journalists, activists and experts inside and outside of Pakistan about the consequences of the strikes in the tribal FATA region, whey they are possible, and how we can make the issue more visible using data and visualisation tactics.