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cinema politica Gothenburg

Fondé Octobre 2011

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par Gothenburg le 27/11/2017
par Gothenburg le 26/08/2017
par Gothenburg le 06/03/2012
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The Kuchus of Uganda
You Don't Like the Truth: 4 Days Inside Guantanamo
The Experimental Eskimos
The End of the Line
A Dream for Kabul
Sweet Crude
A Jihad for Love
Burma VJ
If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

À PROPOS de Cinema Politica Gothenburg

Cinema Politica Gothenburg is a screening-local connected to the Cinema Politica Network and the Society of International Affairs Gothenburg (Utrikespolitiska föreningen Göteborg). The local has been active since 2011 and screen documentaries regularly during the academic year.

The Society of International Affairs Gothenburg is a politically and religiously independent association located at the University of Gothenburg. The aim of the society is to spread knowledge and spark discussion around topics concerning foreign policy issues and the cultures, religions, populations and political systems of the world.

Our ambition is to screen films that will enlighten the audience on well-known as well as lesser known global and local issues of present time.

All screenings will be held in Auditorium Dragonen on Sprängkullsgatan 19, every other Wednesday at 17.30. A discussion around the film will follow every screening at a nearby pub. All events are in English, open to, and free for everyone.



Stay tuned for upcoming screenings for Gothenburg!