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Fondé Novembre 2012

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Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair
Sacred Water: Standing Rock Part 1
Frontera Invisible
Professor Norman Cornett: "Since when do we divorce the right answer from an honest answer?"
Made in LA
Amazon Voices: In the heart of Native American Resistance
Mali Blues
This Is A Stereotype
Iraq in Fragments

À PROPOS de Cinema Politica Malmö

Cinema Politica Malmö is dedicated to supporting independent political films from Sweden and around the world.  Screenings are intended to encourage discussions and debates on relevant socio-political, cultural, environmental and economic issues through the involvement of filmmakers and/or local organizers.

Ultimately, we hope to use the screenings as a forum to connect filmmakers, local activists and members of the community working for social change. 

All screenings are free of charge or by donation.

If you want to get involved or learn more about what we do, please contact us at malmo [at] cinemapoloitica [dot] org


Cinema Politica Malmö har som syfte att visa oberoende politisk film från Sverige och resten av världen. Vi vill genom visningarna uppmana till diskussion kring sociopoltiska, kulturella och miljörelaterade frågor och angelägenheter som sällan blir belysta i konventionell media.

I slutändan hopas vi att visningar och kringarrangemang ska kunna sammanlänka filmskapare, aktivister och lokalsamhället genom diskussioner och samtal kring filmerna.

Alla visningar är gratis alt. frivilliga donationer

Om du vill engagera dig i Cinema Politca Malmö eller veta mer om verkasamheten kontakta oss via malmo [at] cinemapoloitica [dot] org


05 Nov
Kathleen Foster / US / 2016 / 53 '
PROFILED bears witness to the everyday racist violence experienced by PoC communities in the U.S. & gives us a window into one of the burning issues of our time.