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network 06/07/2015 - 01:00PM


We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the 2014 Cinema Politica Audience Choice Award is MY BROOKLYN by Kelly Anderson & Allison Leerish Dean.

Each year Cinema Politica puts forward the ten most screened films throughout the CP network and invites audiences to select their favourite title. Like every year, the competition was tough and we witnessed a close race, but our audiences voted in big numbers and chose a clear winner.

MY BROOKLYN is a well-researched and carefully crafted doc, which looks behind the curtain of gentrification in Brooklyn, NY, and reveals a complex web of elite interests and innocuous participants who benefit from privilege and class  entire neighbourhoods are "re-made" to reflect those interests. Intriguingly, the filmmakers self-reflexively implicate Anderson in processes of gentrification, and do a compelling job of highlighting the many critical voices and activists fighting for inclusive and diverse neighbourhoods along the way.

MY BROOKLYN joins past winners OCCUPY LOVE, 5 BROKEN CAMERAS and SWEET CRUDE amongst other CP Audience Choice recipients.
The filmmakers will receive a modest but heartfelt award and a beautiful plaque to mark the occasion.

Click here to watch an Artist Talk with co-director Kelly Anderson and learn more about her work. You can read more about the film here, the list of the ten nominees here, and visit this page to see past winners.