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Ovarian Psycos

Joanna Sokolowski & Kate Trumbull-LaValle / États-Unis / 2016 / 72 ' / Anglais / S.T. Français


Victoria Chalk
Michael Raines

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Awards & Festivals

Audience Award Winner, Portland Film Festival, 2016
World Premiere, SXSW: South by Southwest Film Festival, 2016
International Premiere, Hot Docs International Canadian Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Human Rights Watch Film Festival, 2016

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In Production

A radical bicycle brigade of womxn of colour ride the streets of their neighbourhoods to fight patriarchy and organize alternative social structures.


Bicycles? Check. Bandanas? Check. The ovarian psycos gear up and ride out into the night, fanning out in pairs of two, four, and six. In constant motion, cruising up and down the storied streets of Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles, and Lincoln Heights, they call out to new riders to join them in a journey through the neighbourhood. “Whose streets? Our streets!”

Since forming in the summer of 2010 by activist, poet, M.C., and single mother, Xela de la X, the Ova’s have made it their mission to cycle for the purpose of healing, reclaiming their neighbourhoods, and creating safer streets for women on the Eastside. At first only attracting a few local womxn, over the past few years the Ovarian Psycos have inspired a ferocious and unapologetic crowd of local heroines who are a visible force along the barrios and boulevards of Los Angeles. Ovarian Psycos rides along with Ovas, exploring the impact of the group’s brand of feminism on neighbourhood women and communities as they confront the violence in their lives.