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Inside These Walls

Lorraine Price & Juliet Lammers / Canada / 2016 / 44 ' / Anglais


Lorraine Price & Juliet Lammers
John Christou & Aisling Chin-Yee

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INSIDE THESE WALLS is a documentary about family, idealism, and the reward and toll of personal sacrifice.


Wang Bingzhang, founder of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement, has spent the last fourteen years in a Chinese prison for the crime of political activism. Although he was mostly absent as a husband and father before his imprisonment, his family feels a deep sense of duty and responsibility towards him and fights tirelessly for his release by speaking on his behalf, staging protests, and keeping his story relevant in the North American media.

From prison, Dr. Wang sends monthly letters to his family, often over fifty pages long. These letters range in tone from fiercely accusatory to humble and remorseful. His son reflects that his father has probably spoken more words to him through these letters than he has in person. And his ex-wife observes, “In a weird way, he’s more of a father now than he ever was.”

INSIDE THESE WALLS captures the complex range of emotions of a family bound together in struggle and hope.