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Mylène Augustin & Feven Ghebremariam / Canada / 2018 / 12 ' / Anglais - Français - Pidgin - Atikamekw / S.T. Anglais - Français


Mélanie Obomsawin
Carl-Philippe Simonise
Valentine Dumez
Sylvain Brassard
Atna Njock
Black on Black Films
Jemmy Echaquan Dubé (Atikamekw)
Gennabel Takha (Pidgin)

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Invited to Tiohtià: ke as a member of her country’s tribal council, Sam traces the steps of her great-grandmother who lived there over a 100 years ago.


Summer 2117 will be revealing for Sam, an 18-year-old Cameroonian girl. Freshly elected to the tribal council that governs her country, she joins the national delegation that is invited to Tiohtià: ke (Montreal). This trip is a pilgrimage for the young girl, as she traces the steps of her great-grandmother who lived in this northern land over a hundred years ago. She will also come to realize the connection that ties her people to this foreign land, a bond woven through a struggle that will lead Cameroonian people and First nations of Canada to linguistic sovereignty.