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H2Oil Lundi 22 Mar 15:30 Come to the UK launch of Cinema Politica. Films will be followed by a discussion with special guests from Greenpeace, Platform and the UK Tar Sands Network. We'll also b ... [plus]

Shannon Walsh

Shannon Walsh Biographie Shannon Walsh is a Canadian filmmaker and writer based in Montreal. Her first feature documentary, H2Oil, was recognized as o ... [plus]

Couverture Médiatique

Couverture Médiatique   CINÉMA POLITICA DANS LES MÉDIAS - GÉNÉRAL + A New Chapter for Documentary Films , The Concordian, 11 September 2018. + C ... [plus]

Alan Kohl

Alan Kohl Biographie At the moment, we haven't completed this individual's Artist Page, but please check back regularly as our worker bees slowly chip a ... [plus]

Illusions of Control - Distribution

Illusions of Control - Distribution   Cinema Politica est fier d'être le distributeur canadien d'ILLUSIONS OF CONTROL, le plus récent documentaire de Shannon Walsh, qui ... [plus]