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New in CP Catalogue: Fall 2020 Titles

network on Mardi, octobre 13, 2020

We have many fantastic new titles to discover, and while it is not the same as hosting in-person screenings, there is solace in the sense of community we can still cultivate online ...
Press Release - Montreal premiere of THE CROSSING with director and special guests inaugurates the film and speaker series on November 28
Cinema Politica is proud to announce that IN THE SHADOW OF BORDERS, directed collaboratively by eight Canadian filmmakers, is now available for screenings throughout the Cinema Politica Network.

Cinema Politica Partners with ROAR Magazine!

network on Dimanche, décembre 13, 2015

Cinema Politica and ROAR Magazine are very excited to announce the launch of a Cinema Politica Freestreaming Channel on ROAR Magazine’s website.

Canadian Election Doc Primer

network on Vendredi, octobre 09, 2015

The next Canadian Federal Election is just under 2 weeks away, and amidst all of the grandstanding, scandals, and controversial platforms, we at CP thought it high time to put together an Election Doc Primer.


network on Vendredi, septembre 18, 2015

Cinema Politica is thrilled to announce that THE HAND THAT FEEDS is now available for screening throughout the Cinema Politica Network.
You can now stream THE LAND BETWEEN, David Fedele's newest work, online for free. We also invite you to contribute a donation to this talented independent filmmaker.


network on Mardi, novembre 25, 2014

Cinema Politica is proud to announce that we have acquired the rights to screen Raymonde Provencher’s CRIMES WITHOUT HONOUR throughout our network.