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THE DEEPER THEY BURY ME, an interactive documentary based on Cinema Politica screened title HERMAN’S HOUSE, has been released.

New Acquisition: BORN IN GAZA

network on Mardi, février 17, 2015

BORN IN GAZA, presents a simultaneously beautiful and terrifying vision of how the lives of Palestinian children were viciously disrupted by the Israeli military’s 2014 “Protective Edge” campaign.

New Acquisition: The Worst of the Worst

network on Lundi, novembre 10, 2014

We are delighted that we have rights to screen this moving prison justice short from the Yale Law School’s Visual Law Project.
Cinema Politica filmmaker and award-winner John Greyson (pictured with Alanis Obomsawin), along with physician Tarek Loubani, have been held in a Cairo prison since August 16th, in appalling conditions and without charges. Please join us in taking action for their immediate release.