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cinema politica Umeå

Fondé Février 2015


Bikpela Bagarap (Big Damage)
They Were Promised the Sea
The Land Between
Fascism Inc.
Terms and Conditions May Apply
Marx Reloaded
This Palestinian Life
Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth
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À PROPOS de Cinema Politica Umeå

Umeå Association of International Affairs and Cinema Politica is a screening-local connected to the Cinema Politica Network and the Association of International Affairs in Umeå located in the northern part of Sweden. (Utrikespolitiska föreningen I Umeå). Our goal as a newly started local is to screen documentaries regularly during the academic year on Umeå University Campus.

The Association of International Affairs in Umeå is a politically and religiously independent association located at the University of Umeå. The aim of the association is to spread knowledge and create discussion around topics concerning foreign policy issues and the cultures, religions, populations and political systems of the world. Our ambition is to screen films that will enlighten the audience on well-known as well as lesser known global and local issues.

All screenings will be held on Campus of Umeå University every other week. Do keep an eye open for specific time and place, either here, or on our website A discussion around the film will follow every screening. All events are in English.



Stay tuned for upcoming screenings for umea!