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cinema politica New Delhi

established July 2017

about cinema politica New Delhi

India, being the world’s largest democracy and home to 1.2 billion people is a melting pot of cultures, languages and ethos. Based in the heart of this secular and pluralistic society is Cinema Politica – New Delhi. Across the world, Cinema Politica, supports and screens alternative, independent, and radical films and videos. It is a platform to inspire thought provoking ideas and engage with an audience invested in the development of our young but thriving democracy.

We collectively think that issues such as climate change, racism, Islamophobia, gender politics, etc. are not just mere hashtags but critical issues that need our immediate attention. The platform of Cinema Politica helps us bring forward these under-represented subjects and tell stories that confront and challenge the status quo. Using the power of these documentaries we plan contribute to these discussion and hope to involve and inspire action from individuals from all walks of life.

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