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A Tent on Mars

Martin Bureau & Luc Renaud / Canada / 2008 / 58 ' / French / S.T. English


Sonia Despars

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A visual poem that weaves together the story of land and people.


Thirty years after the closing of the Schefferville’s mining colony, and after taking over the town abandoned by non natives, the Innus are facing a new challenge: the reopening of the iron mines. Territory, identity and legitimacy are at the heart of a dialogue between two people, Quebecers and First Nations, living the same combat. Two civilizations that proclaim to be colonized. Although the first one often times acts as the colonizer. Whose territory is it? Do the natives have the same right to self-determination as the Quebecers? UNE TENTE SUR MARS is a poetic gift to a complicated situation.


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