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BAS! Beyond the Red Light

Wendy Champagne / Canada / 2010 / 77 ' / English - Hindi - Nepali / S.T. English - French


Wendy Champagne
Wendy Champagne, Denis McCready & Sylvie Van Brabant

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A bold portrait of the victims of child trafficking, their perpetrators and rescuers.


In BAS! Beyond the Red Light 13 young girls sold into Mumbai’s infamous network of gated brothels confront the inner and outer perils of life after rescue and reveal the very human story inside the big business of child trafficking.

The film explores this lesser known issue of rehabilitation and reintegration of child victims from these girls point of view. We move between gated brothels and guarded dormitories to a rehearsal studio where the girls practice bhangra dance moves learned from lazy afternoons in front of the communal TV and rehearsed in regular dance therapy classes, to tell their stories to the rest of the world.

Through intimate, sustained access to these former victims and to Mumbai’s underworld, BAS! Beyond the Red Light interweaves dance rehearsals and candid observations from the girls themselves with testimony from a trafficker, a local Red Light politician and workers at the Rescue Foundation .

Shot over the course of three and a half years and beautifully photographed by cinematographer Katerine Giguere, the film captures the extraordinary beauty and truth of the girls and juxtaposes this against the volatile and visually provocative backdrop of the largest Red Light area on the planet.


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