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cinema politica Regina

established September 2010

previously screened

Sisters in Law
Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers & Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood
This is What Democracy Looks Like
We Were Children
Birth of a Family
The End of Suburbia
War Made Easy
The Yes Men Fix the World
This Changes Everything

about cinema politica Regina

Welcome to Cinema Politica Regina! We are pleased to host screenings of engaging documentaries regarding the social, political, environmental, and global issues facing Saskatchewan citizens today. Our film nights will have several components: the movie itself, a group discussion, and an opportunity for further learning.

Everyone is welcome at these screenings; they are free of charge. To contact us for more information, email us!

upcoming screenings

Jan 22
06:30 pm
Stef McLachlan, Jim Sanders & Ian Mauro / CA / 2004 / 72 '
Farmers, biotechnology and the new face of agriculture
Feb 26
06:30 pm
Brett Gaylor / CA / 2008 / 85 '
Explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century.
Mar 25
06:30 pm
Jessica Yu / US / 2011 / 105 '
A sordid tale of pollution, exploitation, vice, gluttony and ignorance. And, intriguingly, it's all about water.
Apr 22
06:30 pm
Franny Armstrong / UK / 2009 / 92 '
Why didn't we save ourselves when we had the chance?
May 27
06:30 pm
Yusuf Zine / CA / 2018 / 90 '
Fourteen refugee youth re-enact the horrors of the ongoing Burmese genocide of Rohingya Muslims in this politically arresting film about resilience & community.

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