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cinema politica Sarangi Kathmandu

established May 2015

about cinema politica Sarangi Kathmandu

Sarangi, Cinema Politica’s Kathmandu's affiliate is a Social Business in the form of a restaurant and we have a small but cosy rooftop cinema space.  All profits from the business go to uplifting the Gandharba, who are scattered throughout Nepal in small communities, a marginalised cast of musicians who live on less than US$2 per day.  Through Cinema Politica we aim to educate, enlighten and inspire locals and tourists into positive action by showing films that cover a wide variety of social, political and environmental themes from all over the world. We support those who struggle for human rights and social justice and our primary aim is to empower women through education and by creating employment opportunities.  We point the spotlight on unfair social practices such as the caste system and we see film as the perfect vehicle for this.  We regularly invite guest speakers to complement screenings while answering questions and facilitating discussions.

We are a hub for social business and welcome volunteers and community workers who share the same desire to make the world a more livable place for all.

upcoming screenings

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