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Audience Choice Awards

Help pick the best Cinema Politica documentary that screened in 2016. Select one film from the list of the most widely screened films within the Cinema Politica Network below.*

Prizes!! After voting closes we will randomly select two winners from the list of voters and will notify you of your prize by email. 1ST PRIZE: A one year subscription to CP's new SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) service2ND PRIZE: One copy of Screening Truth to Power, CP's anthology on documentary activism.

Radioactivists & Women of Fukushima


Clarissa Seidel & Julia Leser / Japan - Germany / 2011 / 72 ' / Japanese / S.T. English

Women of Fukushima

Paul Johannessen / Japan / 2012 / 27 ' / Japanese / S.T. English


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