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Cinema Politica Concordia (the CP ConU Crew is pictured at right - Svetla, Davi, Ezra, Caroline, Elani), where the CP Network started, operates with its own budget that comes from fee levies. This means that when each student registers they pay a little bit to Cinema Politica in exchange for free weekly screenings on campus. Students can choose not to pay as well. The fee levy at Concordia for CP has been the smallest, at two cents per credit per undergraduate student (some are as high at two dollars). This, combined with a fee levy from graduate students, has added up to a decent budget for the last few years, but as rights for films increase and as CP expands its services on campus to include a Resarch and Archives Viewing Library, among other things, more resources are needed. There is also the idea of hiring a part time Coordinator to run the project once Svetla Turnin graduates - she currently runs CP Concordia on a volunteer-basis, which other than being insane, isn't sustainable. As activists know, it's always difficult to find someone to dedicate so much of their life to a project that isn't "theirs" (CP is close to Svetla and she also is the Network Coordinator).

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