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CP Radical Imagination organized a four-part series on a universal but often taboo topic: debt.
A series of four films dedicated to breaking the silence around debt and exploring it as part of broader systems of oppression and exploitation,

East Coast adventures

network on Thursday, April 29, 2010

Svetla and I just returned from a much-needed mini-vacation on the East Coast. We took a week off from our studies (well I did) and a week off from running Cinema Politica and headed to Nova Scotia. We of course could not head to Canada's eastern-most shores without rendezvousing with some of the amazing people who run Cinema Politica locals out there. We were delighted to meet Ray and Marge, pictured above- with us in the Monkey House, a progressive restaurant in Halifax that adheres to a strict organic and local code. The restaurant even recently hosted a bike lock competition for designers in Halifax to not only install a lock in front of the restaurant, but draw attention to the problem cyclists face in that city. Ray and Marge run the Mahone Bay Cinema Politica, in the beautiful tiny coastal town (population 800) with much aplomb. They are the salt of the earth and keep a tight ship out there with regular screenings and even a new annual festival called "Earth Dreams." We were both inspired to meet two retirees who challenge the stereotype of the older folks who retreat to their armchairs and television sets. Nothing could be further from the truth and this country would be all that much better if we all grew up and aged as such compassionate, committed and political people.

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