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New season of screenings in Trondheim

trondheim on Wednesday, September 05, 2012

As September is upon us, summer is officially over. The leaves are turning yellow and the evenings are getting darker. But with colder weather and rainy days comes excellent opportunities to stay indoors and indulge in films about the outside world. As tradition therefore, Cinema Politica Trondheim kick-started the new season in August with a promise of excellent documentaries and free organic tea. Our selections this semester consist of seven films and vary from the documentary telling the story of the latest generation of Israeli soldiers to object to military operations undertaken by their country in "Raised to be heroes" to a documentary addressing the issue of Christian fundamentalism in “Jesus Camp”. We have already started handing out our programs, and most of the students seems to be interested by our selections.
Posters of a flamboyant mohawk, a stack of flyers and free give-outs of small plastic cups of popcorn in the hallway outside the lectures halls of the university brought in attention for Cinema Politica Trondheim's opening screening this semester yesterday. A small crowd gathered in the chosen auditorium to watch the videodocumented story of the phenomenon Taqwacore, the birth of punk Islam. The mood was energetic, the music loud and the audience went berserk and everyone threw themselves at each other in a state of total benevolant chaos... or wait, maybe that was in the film.  
“They say my country is so beautiful that although God may wander the world during the day He returns at night to sleep in Rwanda.” - Rwandan proverb This we are told in writing, just before the ending credits roll over the screen in the documentary God sleeps in Rwanda. Before seeing this film, and with little knowledge of Rwanda, and where this knowledge one possess concerns one of the most terrible incidents in the world ever, the Rwandan genocide in 1994, one might come to believe that the title is to be understood as something like: "in this country God is not looking, he's not paying attention to the wrongdoings that happens, as he's sleeping. But as the proverb inclines this documentary tells a different story: about how one can find something beautiful in life, even after the worst possible has happened.

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