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// Wendy Champagne

This is a nine minute edited version of the 40 minute Q&A that followed the Cinema Politica screening of Bas! Beyond the Red Light at Concordia University on Monday, September 20th, 2010. The conversation got pretty heated a few times, as some in the audience had some pretty tough questions around Western "rescue missions" to the third world, but Wendy did a fantastic job answering and defending her beautiful film. Thanks to Thomas Szacka-Marier for a great editing and filming job!
Cinema Politica is thrilled to announce our newest acquisition, Bas! Beyond the Red Light. Distributed by F3M, the non-profit folks who also distribute CP films A Tent on Mars and Art in Action, this beautiful documentary looks at former sex trafficked girls in Mumbai who participate in a dance program at a non-profit. From the film's site: "In BAS!

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