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// The Yes Men Fix the World

Last night we were a little worried about turnout at our end of the year screening of The Yes Men Fix the World. A massive snow storm hit Montreal and the city seemed to grind to an eery (but also pleasant) halt. Cafés were empty and so were the streets. But alas, our intrepid audience braved the weather and with mitts, toques and scarves showed up in droves for the screening. In total we had about 700 in attendance, including of course the two Yes Men themselves, Andy and Mike. It was a fantastic screening, complete with a standing ovation that may have gone on all night if we hadn't stopped it, and a great Q&A afterward that lasted an hour. Andy and Mike are pictureed above at the screening, and in the shot below is the whole Concordia crew of volunteers, employees, Svetla Turnin (Executive Director of Cinema Politica), the Yes Men and myself (Ezra Winton). We're ready for the holidays!! Photo Credit: Thanh Pham 

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