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cinema politica Tatamagouche

established September 2007

previously screened

The Suffering Grasses
Granny Power
Transgender Parents (Parents Transgenres)
Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth
Hands On: Women, Climate, Change
Honour Your Word
They Were Promised the Sea
Occupy Love

about cinema politica Tatamagouche

We believe strongly in the power of the arts and creativity to challenge the status quo and articulate possibilities for change both locally and in the world. For this reason, film has become one of our vehicles for working toward a sustainable and just community. We have been hosting  L.E.T.S.* Go to the Movies, a project of Sunrise Trail Community Development Co-operative, since 2006 in various venues throughout Tatamagouche. Being a member of Cinema Politica has allowed us to expand the range of our offerings and to support documentary film making in Canada and around the world.

We engage in a facilitated discussion following each movie. This allows community members to delve more deeply into the issues addressed and connect these with those faced within our local community. Discussions have been thoughtful, vigorous and informative and supportive of those acting for social justice.
We invite everyone to join us for our movies and discussions.

* Local Economic Trading System

upcoming screenings

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