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cinema politica Taymouth

established October 2009

previously screened

The End of Suburbia
one cow one man
The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

about cinema politica Taymouth

Taymouth is a small community on the Nashwaak River in Southeastern New Brunswick. The Taymouth Community Center is a shared space of harnessing and releasing our visions, ambitions, stories, and skills in working for a better place to live, locally and universally. It is with this spirit that we join the network of Cinema Politica to screen, witness, and learn about the visions, ambitions, stories, and skills of other communities, people and experiences in this world.

Screenings are held through out the year with corresponding community events.
Details for Screenings can be found on the CP website, in Taymouth Chronicle Gazette or at
Come out, bring a blanket, open heart & mind. Locally grown popcorn and apple cider available.
Donations dearly accepted by the TCA Environmental Action Committee.
Thanks for checking in, Meet you at the Center~

upcoming screenings

Stay tuned for upcoming screenings for taymouth!


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