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cinema politica Val Marie

established March 2009

previously screened

Oil on Ice
Debt Trap
The Fight for True Farming
A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash
King Corn
Blue Gold: World Water Wars
Finding Dawn
Black Gold

about cinema politica Val Marie

Cinema Politica Val Marie shows films that catalyze discussion and generate the exchange of ideas surrounding social, environmental, economic and cultural issues. We hope that citizens of Val Marie will be able to learn about social and environmental issues, become more connected and inspire change and action both in themselves and the people around them. All screenings of Cinema Politica Val Marie will be completely free to attend for anyone interested in showing up. Following the screenings a group discussion of the film and its message can be present if interested citizens would like to stick around. All questions and comments are welcome and should be directed to our email.

upcoming screenings

Stay tuned for upcoming screenings for valmarie!


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